Grouper Kebab ( Kabobs)

Papaye is a fast food restaurant in Ghana and they also serve one of the most delicious grilled grouper I have ever tried. However, this recipe has also become my favorite because it has the same delicious and smokiness that the former has and I just love it. Though I used grouper here, you can use any fish that you love and Iā€™m sure it'll be equally good.

Grouper Kabobs.jpg


what you need

816g grouper filets, skin off and cut into 18 cubes


1 cup parsley*

1 cup dill*

1/2 cup cilantro*

Chili (as ,much as you can handle)

2 medium sized onion

1 garlic bulb

1 thumb sized ginger

1 teaspoon dried fennel

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1 teaspoon dried cumin

1 cup spring onions

juice of 1 small lemon

1/4 cup olive/veg oil


6 small zucchinis, each cut into 4 cubes*

1 large onion, cut into big slices

1 teaspoon paprika


olive/veg oil

  • Use whatever fresh herbs you love

  • Use your favorite veggies that will grill easily


Combine all the marinade ingredients except the lemon juice and olive oil in a food processor until almost smooth. Pour into a bowl and add salt, lemon juice and the olive oil. Stir, taste and adjust salt. Blend all the ingredients with a little water in the absence of a food processor. Pour marinade gradually over fish and set in the fridge for at least 2hrs+. Cook down leftover marinade if any and use as a sauce for the grilled fish

To prep the veggies, add paprika, salt and a dash of olive oil. Toss together and set aside.

Freeze fish for 10 mins before assembling.To assemble kabobs, put the zucchini on the skewer first, then the fish, onion in that order until everything is gone. Oil grill and grill for 10 mins (5 to 6 mins on each side) or until cooked. Alternatively you can grill it in the oven. To make sure the fish doesn't stick to the grill, I fold a foil into the shape of a log or even use wood (if you have any) and place them at the edges of the grill and place the fish skewer on them instead of on the grill directly, This way they grill perfectly without sticking. Serve with extra onion slices, cooked marinade and my green chili sauce (optional but highly recommended).