My Garden Eggs Stew

My Garden Eggs Stew

 I love yam especially when it's served with garden eggs abom. So I developed this easy garden egg stew recipe that will blow your palette. It's so very simple to make. Once ingredients are fully prepped it takes about 15 minutes to prepare. Store it in the freezer and it wont lose its taste. It pairs beautifully with rice also.



what you need

3 cups roughly chopped garden eggs, cooked with seeds and skin removed (save seeds and skin)

Handfull of chili (adjust)

3 smoked mackerel, bones and skin removed

5 eggs

3 medium onions

3 garlic cloves

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon curry powder

1/3 cup veg oil

1/3 cup chicken/beef stock



Blend the seeds and skin of the garden egg with little water to form a paste and set aside for later. Divide the mackerel into small chunks and save for later. Blend 1 onion, chili and garlic and set aside. Slice the 2 onions left and divide into 2 equal parts. Whisk the egg and set aside.

In a pot over medium high heat add the oil and allow to heat up. Once oil is hot add 1 part of the sliced onions and fry until onion is golden then add the blended onion, garlic and pepper. Fry for 8-10 mins stirring regularly so it doesn't burn. Add the mixture of blended seeds and skin. Stir and add the chicken/beef broth. Taste and adjust salt. If bitter add a pinch of sugar and stir. Cook the mixture till it reduces by 1/4.

Add the chopped garden eggs. Stir and add the smoked mackerel chunks. Taste and adjust salt. If too thick for you, thin it out with a little water. Turn heat to low and add the curry and turmeric powder. Stir and add the whisked eggs. Allow eggs to cook until they scramble. Add the rest of the sliced onions. Stir and taste. Adjust seasoning and turn off heat.

Serve with poona or steamed rice.