Salted Whiskey Caramel

There is something about salted caramels that I can't get over. I am part of the school of thought who believe that salt elevates the flavor of sugar. I mean have you tried salted caramel, its bland companion can't hold a candle to it. Now imagine salt, whiskey and sugar in the same dish, oh my, what a lovely threesome they make. This is a pretty simple and straightforward recipe. Enjoy!


what you need

1 1/2 cup white granulated sugar

50g unsalted butter 

3/4 cup whipping cream 

1/2 + 1/4 tablespoon kosher salt 

1/4 cup whiskey*

  • If you don't consume alcohol, leave the whiskey out and you'd still have delicious salted caramel. 

Salted whiskey caramel.jpg


Melt the sugar in a bowl over low heat, about 4 mins until golden brown. Make sure the sugar stays in the bottom of the pan and not the sides. Add the whipping cream gradually, be very careful because adding the cream makes the sugar bubble. whisk and add more cream until it's finished. Don't worry if the sugar clumps up, continue stirring until it dissolves completely. Add the unsalted butter, stir until it dissolves then add the whiskey, stir and turn heat off immediately (we don't want to cook out the alcohol. Add the salt and stir. Don't worry if it looks light, it will thicken way up as it cools. To be sure there are no sugar lumps hiding at the bottom of the pan, pass caramel through a fine sieve whilst it's still hot and light. Pour salted whiskey caramel into bottles and allow to cool down before refrigerating. It'll continue to thicken in the fridge,