My Yoghurt and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

My Yoghurt and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I love mashed potatoes but I don't eat it as often. I think the reason I don't eat it as often is because whenever I’ve had it, I haven't enjoyed as much as I thought I was going to mainly due to how creamy and heavy it felt. I love my mashed potatoes creamy but I also need a bit of sourness to cut through all that richness else I only end up eating a couple of spoonfuls. If you're anything like me then this recipe is exactly for you.

Yoghurt & Garlic Mashed Potatoes .JPG


what you need

1 kg Irish potatoes

2 teaspoons finely diced garlic

1/2 cup full cream milk

1/2 cup greek yoghurt

50g + 4 tablespoon unsalted butter



Peel potatoes and cut into cubes. Bring to a boil in salted water . Cook till a fork goes through easily then drain the water. Meanwhile gently heat milk, garlic and 50g butter until butter melts. Don't allow the mixture to boil. Heat remaining butter until browned, about 2 mins (watch carefully because it'll brown quickly)

Mash potatoes until desired consistency then add the milk and butter mixture. Stir the mixture and add the greek yoghurt. Taste and adjust salt. Scoop the mashed potatoes into a serving bowl and pour the browned butter on it. Serve warm topped with parsley (optional). Pair with my herb crusted baked chicken