I didn't set out to be a food blogger. In fact I messed around and got myself a BSc in Physics with Computer Science which in hindsight turned out to be absolutely unnecessary. As long as I can remember though I have loved food. So bored one day and feeling as if I was failing at this insane thing called life, I decided to create a food blog where I could talk about my passion for food and simple cooking. My favorite pastime is watching Masterchef Australia, I have no patience for its American counterpart that is full of dramatics. Occasionally I binge watch all chopped episodes and convince myself that I would do so much better that all the amazing chefs on the show.

At the end of it all, I am a food blogger located in Accra-Ghana who is in love with food and how it brings people together.

This blog is all about simple home cooking and maximizing the flavor of simple ingredients. You will notice that I am all about flavor. My recipes incorporate seasonal produce and free-range meats that always yield the best flavor and are cheap once in season. I believe in supporting and buying from women mostly became that is how I can contribute to their financial independence. 


NOUN the process of Blending ingredients to Whip up a delicious meal

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: Ghanaian, from Bono, ‘Blendi & Whippi