Hearty Goat Meat Stew

Hearty Goat Meat Stew

Occasionally you make food that even you would keep on going back for more. This is recipe is that to me. This goat stew recipe is a gift that keeps on giving. It is hearty, spicy and so good you could literally eat all at a sitting. If I dare say so myself, it's perfect and there is nothing I would change about it. Short recipe video will be up on my instagram highlights

goat stew3 perfect.JPG


What you need

1 kg goat, cleaned and cut into chunks

3 star anise

1 tablespoon dried rosemary

Handful of chili (adjust)

2 large onion

1 large onion sliced

5 large tomatoes

3 tablespoons tomato paste

5 cloves

1 small ginger

5 garlic cloves

3 carrots, sliced

1 green bell pepper, sliced

1/4 cup diced spring onions/hand full

1/3 cup veg oil



Blend 1 onion, some chili, 1 small ginger and 5 garlic cloves together. Pour over the goat chunks, add salt and cook for 35-50 mins or until cooked through . Blend the rest of the onion, chili, tomatoes, cloves and star anise then set aside.

Remove meat from stock the save stock for later. Put a pan over medium high heat and add oil. When oil heats up, add cooked meat chunks and fry until golden brown. Fry in batches if the oil is too small. In the same pan, add the sliced onions and dried rosemary. Fry until onion turns golden the add the tomato paste. Fry in oil for 10 mins ensuring that it doesn't burn.

Add the blended mixture. Stir and allow to cook for 15 mins. Add the  saved stock and cook down until stew mixture thickens. Taste and adjust salt. Add carrots and cook until it softens to your liking.Add fried meat. If stew is too sour, add a pinch of sugar. Turn heat low and allow to simmer then add the spring onions and the green pepper. Cover and turn off the heat.

Serve with rice or mash, or my flaky flatbread.